Luzzatto Website
Art direction and web design project
places milano website
Italian election infographics
In view of the next elections what are the parties' proposals to confront this issue? Let's have a close look in the graph below and you can read more at
New Branding Maclù
Maclù is an Italian fashion company. The project is new brand identity.
Graphic Design - PhD dissertation
Graphic Design and Illustration for PhD dissertation.
Logo collection
A collection of logos and marks developed for clients over the past years. (2014 - 2015)
Biscuit Kid / Brand Identity
Biscuit Kid brand identity
Coro Italia
Coro is an Italian design company. The project is a print campaign. The concept was created to show the functionality and resistance of the products in every season
S/C Branding
My personal Corporate Identity. The project includes logo, art direction, business card and website.
K3 Festival
Project for K3 graphic competition // The project includes flyer, poster, catalog cover and banner
Polisportiva Diaz Academy
New Polisportiva Diaz corporate identity. Polisportiva Diaz is an historical school of sport based in Milan.
MediaKit 2016 per l'Orafo Italiano
Studio e realizzazione grafica del MediaKit 2016 per la rivista l'Orafo Italiano edito da EDIFIS
Siemens 1950/1970 graphic design electricity meter.
M1/M2/M3 Milano
This is a small tribute to the city I love most. Milan Metro iconographic poster // size 50cmx70cm.
DB Fashion Consultant
Daniela Birondi Fashion Consultant business cards. The project includes logo, art direction, and website.
il Kiosco project
il Kiosco is an e-commerce website where you can buy a beautiful and original poster easily and with pleasure. // year 2014
Tram 19
This is a small tribute to the city I love most. Milan Tram iconographic poster // size 50cmx70cm.
Logo SF
Logo project for loudspeaker Extrema by SonusFaber // 2014
Ottagono Baglietto Special
Project for Baglietto, special press on Ottagono magazine // 2013
RIBS Restaurant
Restyling corporate for Ribs Restaurant. // 2013
Zuegg Folder
Zuegg folder // 2006 // Agency Due Design Experience
Yacht Design
Project for a new layout of Yacht Design
Heesen Book
Book layout for Heesen
DDn_Free Magazine
Design Magazine is a free press for design news, city events and fashion. // Published by DDE srl company // I worked on the project with Art Director Maurizio Maselli
YC - Infographics
Infographic projects for Yacht Capital (year 2011)
YC - Louis Vuitton Trophy
Project for Louis Vuitton Trophy, special press on Yacht Capital magazine // 2010
Garage Magazine
Garage is a magazine layout for Hachette Italia // I worked on the project with Art Director Wolf-Gregor Pazurek
Wu Magazine
Credits: Wu_magazine layout for M.C.S snc Editore // 2009 // agency Artworkweb // Art Director Maurizio Maselli // Graphic Designer Susanna Castelli and Andrea Di Falco
YC - Watch Digest's special press
The project includes art direction for Watch Digest's special press for Yacht Capital
WD - Watch Digest magazine
Watch Digest is a luxury magazine about news and events. // Published by Hearst Magazine Italia. // The project was to redesign the magazine.
Coro Italia Website
Coro is an Italian design company. // The project includes art direction, print campaign and website. I made the project with the Art Director Maurizio Maselli // Digital project by Digital Kitchen Agency
Albed by Karim Rashid
Project "doors to a new world" by Karim Rashid for Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano // Graphic Design and layout pannels // 2009
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